February Customer Satisfaction Results

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Every month we publish our customer survey results and this month is no exception. These surveys as our guests know are compiled independently and published every month by James Cook University and aggregated from various operators every quarter. Why do we publicly expose these survey results? We think that you should have all the information available to you before making your decision on the best way to see the reef. I would also recommend that you ask other operators for their customer feedback or independent survey results before making your choice. We understand that seeing the Great Barrier Reef for many people is a lifelong dream and for many other a once in a lifetime experience, there making sure you have something to remember fondly for years to come.

Who Came on Our Trips
44% from N.America and 37.5% from Europe ,
28.5% professionals,
50% travelling with their parner,
100% first time visitors to TNQ, 94% first time reef visitors.

What They Thought
Reef met expectations: 73.3% very much & 26.7% yes
Trip met expectations: 60% very much & 40% yes
Received value for money: 94% yes
Would recommend the trip: 100% yes
Average satisfaction score: 8.88 /10

January 2010 Customer Survey Results

Our independently done Customer Survey Results for January have come in and again our crew have done an great job returning some impressive numbers. We also have to thank mother nature for putting on some great weather and giving us such an breath taking backdrop in which we have the pleasure of working everyday.
Thanks to all the guests who came out with us for the great times we had together and if you filled out a survey thanks for your valued feedback and hope to see you all again.

Why They Chose Our Trip:
62.5% Recommendation and Package.

What the Experience Was Like:
Reef exceeded expectations: 85.7%
Trip exceeded expectations: 85.7%
Average satisfaction score: 8.75 /10

Guest Survey Results for Dec 09

The last survey results for December 09 have come in and again our crew have done an great job resturning some impressive numbers.  Thanks to all the guests who came out with us in the month of December for your valued feedback and hope to see you again.

Market Characteristics:
Guests Home Country: 35% from the UK,
25% 20-29 year olds, 20% 30-39 year olds.
30% Professionals,  45% Travelling with their Partner,
95% First Time Visitors to TNQ, 90% First Time Reef Visitors.

Reef Met Expectations:  80% very much / 20% Yes
Trip Met Expectations: 90% very much / 10 % Yes
Received Value for Money: 100%
Would recommend the trip: 100%
Average Score: 9.4 /10

Guest Survey Results for Oct 09

Once again the customer survey results are in. This time for the month of October with again a great showing in all categories with customer satisfaction ranking extremely well.  Once again 100% of surveyed guests saying they would recommend the trip.  That is awesome and I thank once again everyone who traveled with us and our crew for making our jobs the best in the world.

Who Came on Our Trips:

48% European,  26% American

39% 30-39 year olds, 21% 20-29year olds,

45.5% management, 22% professionals, 41% travelling with their partner,

87% first time visitors to TNQ, 87% first time GBR visitors.


Reef met expectations:  77.3% very much (22.7% Yes)

Trip met expectations: 77.3% very much (22.7% Yes)

Received value for money: 86.4%

Would recommend the trip: 100%

Average Score : 8.87 / 10