Small Fun Groups and Unique Reef Experiences

Sailing the Santa Maria around the Great Barrier Reef is one of the privileges that we get to enjoy everyday.
Experiencing the romance and character of the historic wooden yachts is a rare experience and something our guests cherish for years, many becoming ‘addicted’ and returning many times for their fix. You can’t help as you sit with only a small group of people and share the water with a select few this is how nature was meant to be experienced.
Whether you want to experience snorkelling without the masses on the water or dive and explore the reef on your own terms and schedule, visiting the reef with small groups allows you to get a more personal and relaxed experience on the reef. Time spent with other passengers and our staff get you to enjoy and learn about the reef in a more intimate and one on one setting. It is an amazing difference as you dive, snorkel and relax on the outer Great Barrier Reef enjoying the coral and wildlife in a much more serene setting.

Our Latest Great Barrier Reef Yacht Charter

We have just finished a relaxing five days on a private yacht charter around the tropical reefs and islands off Cairns and around North Queensland, Australia. There is nothing more relaxing then enjoying the beauty of the natural wonders of the world. Several days on the outer Great Barrier Reef and several days sailing around the islands, a perfect balance of both worlds and a great escape from civilization.

Nothing like the fresh sea air and wide open ocean space to wind down and enjoy your time away from the office. Enjoying the underwater marine life and experiencing the best of the world’s reefs is both a refreshing and humbling experience. The 5 days were perfect with the sea conditions flat to flatter and the skies clear, dotted by the occasional cloud to break the monotony of a perfectly blue sky. The days started with spectacular sunrises and ended with glorious sunsets. During thee days there were turtles, dolphins, whales, too many fish to mention and of course some spectacular diving and snorkelling.

The Most Personal Dive Experience on The Reef

Dive the Great Barrier Reef without the crowds. New Horizon has been operating live-aboard sailing and scuba diving adventures from Cairns, Australia since 1995. Our fleet of sailing boats includes the gaff rigged schooner Santa Maria, which does 3 day/2 night trips, the luxury ketch Coral Sea Dreaming, which offers an alternative for those wanting a shorter tour of 2 days/1 night.
All our charter yachts take a maximum of just 10 passengers with an attentive crew of 3 on each boat you’ll receive personalised attention not possible on the larger tour vessels.

The scuba diving and snorkel sites we sail to are not frequented by the masses & are chosen for their unique coral formations & abundant marine life. We want you to have the vacation you have been looking forward to. So it’s up to you how you want to spend your live-aboard vacation. You can enjoy water-based activities including snorkelling, introductory & certified scuba diving. If you’re looking for a little more relaxing trip, simply come aboard with a great book and enjoy the serenity and the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef with a small group of people you will call your friends. If you wish you can join in and help sail the boat or just ‘supervise’ from the deck. Our objective is to allow you to experience the reef at your own pace. Our experienced and friendly crew will pay every attention to your comfort and well being…to ensure that you return from your Great Barrier Reef Sail and Dive Adventure with fantastic memories to last a lifetime.
Private charters are available on all our sailing yachts for dive clubs, managerial off-sites, team building events, or intimate affairs such as family vacations, engagements, commitment ceremonies, weddings, reunions, and other special occasions.