Getting Chilly in Sydney?

Plan to come up here and join us with some great tropical weather while the Sydney winter kicks in. Virgin Blue are offering such cheap flights to Cairns from Sydney at the moment.

From Sydney to Cairns, Travel between 20 Jul 10 – 15 Sep 10 pay only $139 AUD* and you have to book by 01 Jun 2010.

Or enjoy the tropical spring weather;
From Sydney to Cairns, Travel between 12 Oct 10 – 09 Dec 10 pay only $139 AUD* and you have to book by 01 Jun 2010.

For more details and to book your trip visit the airline website. And of coourse don’t forget to visit the Great Barrier Reef while you are here. These dates fall within some of the busiest times of the year so the prices are good but make sure you book your reef trip early to avoid disappointment.

Airfares on Sale from Germany to Australia

If you are sitting in cold Germany at the moment thinking of the warmth of summer. Here is your chance to experience it early. Qantas is having a special from Frankfurt to Cairns via Singapore pricing is from EUR 897 and you can explore more of Australia with Qantas’ Special Offer and include up to two internal flights in Australia from as little as EUR 59 per flight. This is for travel between 5 April 2010 until 20 June 2010.
For more details and book go to the Qantas Website.
For some great times and unforgettable experience don’t forget to visit our website to book you snorkel and scuba diving trip to the reef.

Travel Tip – Don’t Miss The Boat

We want you to have the best experience and most relaxed vacation as you travel to Australia. So please heed the mistakes of others and make your trip the best it can be.

Over the last few weeks we have had quite a few people miss out on the trip they wanted because they delayed in booking. They made the mistake of thinking they may get some some last minute deal. If there is no room there is no room. You don’t just show up to the airport on your date of travel expecting to get the flight and seat you want. So why go to the destination of your holiday without plans. It is great to be flexible and allow yourself to experience the native flavor.

However you can avoid getting a second class trip or having to settle for tours that are leftovers by booking the key events of your trip. Leave some time for spontaneity but plan the main points of your trip before hand it saves a lot of time and stress. Instead of sitting in a booking office shouldn’t you be walking on a beach or enjoying your holiday. So book early, relax, have fun, and we hope to see you in the coming months.