Scuba Diving with Dolphins – Awesome!

Diving with Dolphins, Cairns Australia

Mother nature often gives us some amazing experiences, here two dolphins decided they would like to come and do some diving with us. These two friendly dolphins followed and interacted with our divers and snorkelers for quite a long time. Enjoying the interaction and playing along side our guests and tagging along with our divers. An encounter with a dolphin like this is a fantastic experience and will leave memories that last a lifetime.

Remember, we do not feed or do other activities to attract marine life, so this interaction is completely natural. Making the encounter even more special and truly appreciated. The Great Barrier Reef truly is a natural wonder of diverse and wonderful experiences to be had everyday. If you haven’t been yet you owe it to yourself and family come and experience it. It truly is one of the great wonders of the world and has to be seen to be believed. Yes I love this place! :)

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Spinner Dolphins – Species of the Reef

Another favourite of all our guests and crew, the spinner dolphin. These playful and friendly creatures love to swim along the bow wave of the boat as we sail both to and from the reef. The most common sight is a group of half a dozen or so, however occasionally the come to join us in the dozens.
They grow to just over 2 metres long (7′) and weigh up to about 75 kg (175lbs). It is one of the most athletic of the dolphins jumping out of and skimming across the water.