Bollywood on the Great Barrier Reef

This is a great little video filmed on location at Green Island by Sea Walker. Seawalker (Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia) wins the first ever Tourism Tropical North Queensland ‘So you think you can Bollywood’ dance competition with this over the top or under water film….

Production Notes From Karl of Seawalker,


I wanted to send a big thank you to all at TTNQ for allowing us to participate in the Bollywood competition, and letting us enter a video production.

It was a great experience for the crew of Sea Walker,and i must say we had a great time on Green Island filming the dance.

It’s a very unusual experience trying to dance underwater in a helmet, as all you hear is bubbles, No music and your self counting out the moves in a 4/4 count just hoping that every one around you are in time.

Thus about 15 takes to get it right.

The response from people on the night was fantastic,and we had a really great time too.

So once again , a big thank you to all.

One thought on “Bollywood on the Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Very well done since you didn’t have an intercom system to dance to the music. Our show talking scuba in the USA hopes to travel to the great barrier reef in the near future. Till the next dive, CHEERS.

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