July Customer Survey Results

We publish our customer survey results for you to see what our guests think about our trip through our independently conducted surveys.  Once again thanks to JCU for their efforts in collecting and compiling this data, and to our fabulous crew who keep our guests entertained and showing them fantastic new experiences everyday.  A special mention this month to those people that returned to our cruise, and those that recommended us to their friends.  So a big thank you to all of you.

Our Guests were:

72% European, 12% UK and Ireland,
36% 30-39 years old, 24% 40-49 year olds, 24% 20-29 year olds,
28% in management positions and 24% public servants,
36% travelling with their family and 32% travelling with their partner.

For 88% it was their first time visit to TNQ and 88% were first time reef visitors.

They said of the experience:

Reef Met Expectations:  60.9% said very much  (39% said yes)
Trip Met Expectations: 72.7% said very much (27.3% said yes)
Received Value for Money: 92% said yes
Would Recommend the Trip: 100% said yes
Average Satisfaction Score: 8.64 / 10

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