What Do Turtles Eat?

Adult Green Turtles are herbivorous. They almost-exclusively feed on various species of seagrasses and seaweed. While mature green turtles are entirely herbivorous, juveniles are known to eat a variety of marine invertebrates. Their diet of plant matter grows larger as they age, until as mature adults they become complete herbivores.
As large and well-protected animals, adult green turtles have few enemies and even fewer predators. Only human beings and the larger sharks are known to feed on the sea turtle. Tiger sharks are known predators of adult green turtles. Juvenile turtles and recently emerged hatchlings have significantly more predators, including sharks, crabs, small mammals and shorebirds.

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  1. They also feed on the plastic that humans have deposited in the ocean—this will kill them!!! We have to take a stand, reduce plastic that eventually ends up in the ocean and takes over 200 years to break down!!!

    Kathy Dowsett

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