Australian Pricing Rules – Tips for Travellers

When deciding to come to Australia you may have seen some of the pricing higher then you are used to at home. This is due to some changes in our advertising laws. The new laws for advertising in Australia mean that all advertised prices must include the mandatory charges for that trip. Australia is one of the only countries in the world to employ this pricing policy so of course our prices will look higher whe compared to other countries.

What does this mean to you? Our pricing already includes sales tax, there is no expected tipping, all marine park fees and port departure taxes are included in the price. So you are going to need to do some math and calculate what is included in other tours and what isn’t. Even “all inclusive” pricing often excludes taxes and other fees.

Hidden mandatory extras are now illegal in Australia, so the price you see is the price you pay, no added taxes or other fees.

Other points to check when comparing prices before deciding on you dive and reef trip;

Is the equipment included in the price?
With carry on and check baggage fees increasing everyday, it maybe smarter to hire or rent all your gear from the dive charter. If it is included in the price even better. Ask and make sure they have quality equipment.

How many divers are there in the water at once? Is it worth paying a bit extra to get a more personal experience on your dive?

What is the staff to guest ratio?
The higher this figure the less likely you are to get any personal attention or guidance if required to experience your snorkeling or diving on the reef.

Asking a few of these questions before you travel will help you get the trip you deserve and help you avoid any expensive hidden extras.

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