The Pufferfish – Species of the Reef

The Puffer Fish

This fish has an obvious relation to it’s name and behaviour. It defends itself by inflating itself and forming a balloon by sucking in large amounts of water or air. It is not good to make them inflate themselves for the amusement of divers or onlookers. It places large stresses on the puffer-fish.
Having owned a couple of them in an aquarium as well as seeing them in the ocean, they have a ton of personality. The funny swimming motion and friendly behaviour endear themselves to everyone almost immediately. Puffers are able to move their eyes independently, just to add something else to check out when spotting these fish. Many species can change the color or patterns of their skin to match their environments
Believe it or not there are 121 different type of puffer fish around the globe. It seems over inflating your ego seems to be a popular defence everywhere. You will find the most variation in species around tropical locations and the cooler and river locations tend to have only a one or a few species in each location. Most people break puffers into two main categories the standard puffer and porcupine which has spines that stand on end as the fish inflates itself.
They are not an agressive fish and defense is mainly based on the puffer action or by it’s flesh that contains a deadly toxin. Considered a delicacy, the meat has to prepared just right or you will feel the effects of this poison. But how could you eat this cute little fella in the first place?