Scuba Dive, Me? No Way!

We hear this everyday as we meet guests on the boat, and they quickly change their mind after seeing the beautiful world below.  Well how do I get to experience this? I don’t have the time or never done anything like it before. The easiest and safest way is known as a resort dive, introductory dive or discover dive.  This enables you to experience the joys of diving with a short briefing beforehand and then an experienced dive instructor dives with you.  On our reef trips we limit the number of introductory divers to two for each instructor.  That means they are in direct contact with you during the dive, there to answer any concerns and help you if you have any issues at all. You are limited to a maximum depth of 12 metres (39ft) and a lot of the time you will be shallower.

So what do I need to do to get started? First of all, there is no one forcing you to try to dive so you have to want to do it yourself. Listen to guides, remember to breathe and most of all relax and have a great time! You will be required to fill out a Medical Questionnaire onboard. Certain conditions automatically preclude people from participating in an Introductory Dive, without getting a Dive Medical Exam and getting a “Fit to Dive” Certificate from an Australian doctor (or one who conforms to the Australian Standard AS4005.1 Compliance). One common condition, among others, is asthma. Click here for more information and/or please ask us if you have any questions or concerns.

Almost without exception as the new diver surfaces they let out expressions of joy. Countless testimonies from our guests count it as one of the best things they have ever done. With a little bit of faith and willingness to have a try you’ll be soon floating around coral walls like the one below. You won’t get a certificate to dive after doing an introductory but more then likely will catch the bug and be wanting to do it again and again. The best part after trying to dive with us you can proudly tell everyone for the rest of your life, “I scuba dived on the Great Barrier Reef.”

Beautiful Coral Wall

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