Humpback Whale – Species of the Reef

An annual favourite with crew and guests alike, the annual whale migration (June-November), as whales swim north to escape the cold of winter. Whales were the earliest tourists to Cairns and for centuries have known what humans are now just discovering.
The humpback whale’s common name is derived from the humping motion they make when diving below the surface (as seen in the above photo). They have a social networking where they hang out together for a few hours and then move on. They eat a variety of fish and they hunt fish by direct attack or by stunning them by hitting the water with its pectoral fins or flukes.
The humpback whale population has continued to grow at an average of 11% and is steadily returning to pre-hunting days, although these threats still exist even today. Their playful antics and curiosity amuse everyone and have to been seen in real life to get the true appreciation of this species.

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