Autumn (Fall) in Australia and the Great Barrier Reef

With Autumn starting here in Australia, we have immediately felt the cool weather break the summer months. This is great news environmentally as what, at the beginning of the summer, looked like it could have been a year where we see a lot of coral bleaching on the Cairns reefs. Mother nature has once again shown us that she is well on top of her game, and a lot smarter then the rest of us. Early seasonal monsoon rains gave cooling relief in the afternoons and kept the oceans cool and the reef in it’s full spectacular colours.
Whale migration will be starting in the next few months, with whale numbers increasing year of year this year promises to be another spectacular year. It will be hard to beat the experiences and encounters our guests had with whales last year but as the whale population returns to normal and with their playful spirit we are sure that it will just keep getting better.
It’s that time again when we start ramping up for a busy season and spots on the boats fill up months in advance. So if you are planning to visit the Great Barrier Reef this year make sure that you start planning your Australian sailing and diving trip early and book now to get the best trips and accommodation. Remember we only take 10 guests at a time for that unique experience so space is limited.

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