The Maori Wrasse – Species of the Reef

The Humphead, Maori or Napoleon wrasse, is widely distributed across the reefs of the Indo-Pacific and a favourite of our guests. A big fish with a bigger personality, the Maori Wrasse as it is more commonly know here is Australia is an endangered species and is now protected. It has two complimentary traits that do not combine well for survival, it is a very friendly and personable fish and it is a good tasting fish. This species is a very important part of the ecology of the reef as it is one of the few fish that eats sea hares, boxfish or the crown of thorns starfish.
With the current protection offered on the Great Barrier Reef we are starting to see the numbers of this fish increase. They are regulars at our dive sites at almost every reef now.
This first photo is taken at Thetford Reef by myself and the second was taken by one of our honeymooning guests Olga at the Pinnacles at Milln Reef.

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  1. Love him! Great shot. I remember who awed I was when surrounded by 5 Napoleon wrasses in Sharm el Shek when I was there in 1998. Didn’t have a camera with me at that tim. Haven’t seen one since though and I have yet to dive the South Pacific or Australia!

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