Turtle Weed Algae – Species of the Reef

The unsung hero of the reef are the algaes. They provide food for the many herbivores on the reef providing the foundation of most marine food chains. In todays’ world one of their most important roles is turning carbon dioxide into oxygen and food. As you can see, protecting the reef helps protect our oxygen supplies.
Large algae may also provide homes for a wide variety of small organisms. The algae above is known as turtle weed and is found on the Great Barrier Reef. It can be found from 5 m to about 20 metres deep. Turtle weed is popular in home aquariums also, playing its’ part in the removal of nitrates and converting CO2 to oxygen.

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  1. Hi Guys. It is wonderful that you are promoting our part of the world and especially through the Anna Storer Daily. I actually live in Cairns and always tell how pround and lucky I am that I have the Tropical Rainforest in my back yard and the Great Barrier Reef at my front door, both of which need our help and protection for future generations.

    Keep up the good work –

    Best Wishes,


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