The Real Shark Experience

Many of our guests get to experience swimming with a shark up close and immediately they see the myths around sharks are exactly that, myths. These encounters are often the highlight of the trip for people that only a few days before were terrified to share the water with a shark.
Shark Water is about to be released in Australia on May 15th. It is a great documentary and well worth a trip to the theatre. If you are interested is showing your support there are many shark support organizations listed the movies’ website.
The timing of the release of the movie is perfect considering that there is a current push to legitimize the fishing and finning of sharks on the Great Barrier Reef. You can voice your objection via AMCS at their website .

One thought on “The Real Shark Experience”

  1. I love your posts—-they are informative, short and to the point—sharks are such mis-understood under creatures!! Thanks!!!

    Kathy Dowsett

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