Pre-Season Tour Update

Well, first of all my apologies over the last couple of weeks for not keeping the blog up to date however we have been focussing on maintenance with Santa Maria for the upcoming season. She has had the hull sanded back and painted afresh removing years of built up of paint. The top deck paint has been retouched and some other minor maintenance has been carried out.
The upcoming season looks to be another busy and exciting time, with bookings for our reef trips selling out fast. The year so far has had some great marine sightings including birds, whales, turtles, dolphins and of course countless other species of the reef. Many of these creatures have to be seen to be believed, their behaviour is quite extraordinary and fascinating to watch. Entering their peaceful and relaxing environment and seeing their interactions and relationships that have developed over the centuries is quite amazing.
That’s a quick update for now. So make sure that you make the time, come down to Australia and treat yourself to an adventure you will remember for a lifetime. We look forward to meeting you and relaxing on the deck in the afternoon after a great day of exploring the reef, maybe enjoying one of our fantastic sunsets.